All Enhanced Extended Regular 12 bits 14 bits 16 bits RAM
Features Configuration Bits RAM map SFR map
Coff ID of device 0x1822
Number of ROM/FLASH pages 1  (2048 words/pages)
Last address of ROM/FLASH 0x07FF
Size of ROM 2048 words
Address space of User ID 0x8000 - 0x8003  (4 bytes)
Address of Device ID 0x8006  (1 byte)
Address space of Configuration Words 0x8007 - 0x8008  (2 words)
Address space of EEPROM 0xF000 - 0xF0FF  (256 bytes)
Number of RAM Banks 32  (128 bytes/banks)
Number of SFRs 96
Size of shared GPRs 16 bytes
Size of all GPRs 128 bytes
Joint size of SFRs + GPRs 224 bytes
Start address of Linear RAM 0x2000
Size of Linear RAM 112 bytes
Number of Linear RAM sections 2
Standard header
Standard linker script 12f1822_g.lkr

This page generated automatically by the program (2017-05-13 09:29:46 UTC) from the file (rev: 1.36) of mpasmx and from the gputils source package (rev: svn 1308). The mpasmx is included in the MPLAB X.